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Another term for girlfriend

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Another word for girlfriend | Synonyms for girlfriend

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What would be the best substitute word girlfriedn "girlfriend"? Thread starter brighthope Start date Oct 19, Hi, I live with my another term for girlfriend for more than 4 years and we are virtually married.

In Canada we another term for girlfriend the same right as a married couple. But we are not married so my girlfriend is not my "wife", though technically she is my "common-law wife" in Canada.

When I talk with people, I refer to her as my girlfriend, but it gives an impression that we are not as stable as a married couple.

Please don't argure that married couples are not necessarily stable Also I have to explain that she and I live. Well, though I know not all married couple live together I tried calling her another term for girlfriend wife", then often I had to explain that actually we were not married, in the course of conversations.

For a while I used "my common-law wife" or "my common-law partner" but it is kind of pain in the neck to say these words everytime because they are a bit too long. Are anotheer any other words best describe the relationship? Also, I hear that in Australia or New Zealand, it is natural to use the word "partner", but another term for girlfriend North America it gives an impression that you have a gay relationship.

Is that true? Thanks a lot in advance.

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In the UK "partner" is used in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships. It is used on its own, unless their is a risk in the context that it might be interpreted as a business partner, in anoter case usually another term for girlfriend would say "domestic partner" or "partner at home". I can't think of another word for you to use besides girlfriend. Probably in the course of ankther the person will figure out that another term for girlfriend are living with.

However, I definitely think when you use the people dating service "partner" it is likely to be assumed that it is a gay relationship.

I assume your close friends know about your relationship, so I don't quite understand why you need to give out so much information to casual acquaintances! However, if you feel the need to be more precise, how about, "This is X, another term for girlfriend best friend and room mate"?

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Nymeria Senior Member Barbados. Joelline said: Could you introduce her as your girlfriend and then say you two cohabit? Or simply your cohabiter. I presume 'partner' won't evoke the sense of 'gay relationship,' as you deliver further conversation or writing, or with your foregoing context that tells you are a man, and another term for girlfriend 'partner' another term for girlfriend a woman.

The same thing is true with your 'signifcant. In my experience, heterosexual couples do refer to their partners as "partners".

Urban Thesaurus - Find Synonyms for Slang Words

They also introduce each other as "my partner. A reference to a "partner" could suggest another term for girlfriend gay relationship only if the person you are speaking to doesn't know that i love indian guys partner is a woman. If she is there, or if her name girlfrend clearly a woman's name, there will not be any ambiguity.

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If you are talking about her, and her name doesn't make it clear that she is a woman, you can say both words together the first time. You might say something like: I think referring to her as your another term for girlfriend is unambiguous and perfectly acceptable.

If people make a judgment another term for girlfriend the stability of the relationship based on that, then shame on. If you feel it is necessary to explain your living arrangements, you can simply say, "we share a home.

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Hi all, Thanks for all your opinions, advice. The reason why I think about this a lot is people treat me differently when I use the word "wife" or "common-law wife" and "girlfriend". When I used the word "wife" or "common-law wife", it seems people tend to think "Oh, he has a family". It's not that significant, but another term for girlfriend is a difference!

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Thanks again! I am not sure I understand what the distinction is between your relationship and marriage, or between your relationship and the usual boyfriend-and-girlfriend.


Are you saying your relationship is stable but not exclusive? Stable but not committed? In either case, "steady girlfriend " might fit best.

What is a synonym for "girlfriend"? - English Language & Usage Stack Exchange

Categenesis Member Hong Kong. Once, someone introduced his "girldfriend" as "my non wife of the last 20 years.

I can't think of another word for you to use besides girlfriend. Probably in the course of conversation the person will figure out that you are living. Find synonyms for girlfriend and other similar words that you can use instead based on 5 separate contexts from our thesaurus. We need another term for adults to use when they are dating someone or seriously involved with someone. For crying out loud, I'm almost

Zsuzsu Senior Member Budapest, Hungary. Hi, What if you said "she is my better half"? Lis48 Senior Member York, England. Wow, I'm glad I asked about it here!

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There are more interesting ways to call her than I thought! Anyway, thanks again for your help. There are very helpful. You must log in or register to reply .