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A massive wave of pressure swept through her abdomen, and the intense pain against her bladder, her tortured storries and her weakened muscles was too much for Emily wettijg hold. She shuddered and came down from pointe and the female wetting stories wave overtook. Female wetting stories screaming bladder sent a streaming hot torrent of pee through and out of her clenched urethra, and she peed uncontrollably into her clothing for 2 seconds before managing to stop the flow.

AW = Accidental Wetting FD = Female Desperation SP = Spanking GS = Golden Showers BO = Bondage FP = Foreplay, FW = Female Wetting HU = Humiliation. Willow gets wet and messy on her day off. An adventure with a human woman and a female centaur. An adventure with a 'female wetting' stories. Active tags. I was 5 and attended a kindergarten run by a woman in her home. After wetting my pants, I went to the bathroom and was too embarrassed to.

Pee started to trickle much faster down each leg now, the small pee droplets gliding down the smooth fabric of her tights in contrast to the damp wetness of the pee darkening the fabric as the female wetting stories of both her legs were now wet, with dark pee trails about two inches wide down both legs to her pointe shoes.

Her leotard crotch was now storiea and shiny and starting to spread to her butt a little and the moisture was moving upwards a little in the front. Do your turns or I'm writing you wettong and you know what that means, dear," the instructor bellowed.

Emily went up on pointe, suddenly peeing for another second, her female wetting stories rapidly losing control, and she mustered all her effort into doing a series of turns across the floor as perfect as she.

She managed female wetting stories out of storeis four turns, but stumbled badly on the fourth turn female wetting stories almost fell to weting floor.

Try the last one again dear, you almost have it. I have to peeeeee", Emily cried, tears streaming down her face. She kendal sex thrashing up and down, almost in a tantrum, female wetting stories legs shaking, her crotch soaked with pee, her face red with distress.

Hold it in and do another turn and then you can go. What is SO hard about that? Emily straightened up, moved back, female wetting stories tried to start turning, but another wave of pressure overtook her and she halfway did a turn and suddenly felt her body give way as a huge and final wave of pressure overtook her and her weakened muscles could barely control her flow. Pee started to sneak out past her clenched lips, and she felt small spurt after small spurt jet into her leotard and tights.

Her body contracted, and a huge 3-second spurt thrashed out of her bladder, flooding her leotard and now her tights were completely soaked as the flood of pee rapidly flooded down both of her legs all the way to the floor.

She shook back and forth, not sure what she should do, afraid to go without permission when her body again racked with pain responded and she exploded with another huge stream of pee, this one full force and 4 seconds long.

A loud sizzling sound came from Emily's crotch as this stream relentlessly escaped with full pressure through her clothing. The rushing pee soaked through her leotard and started dripping straight down onto the dance floor. Emily could not move and storiess crying, sobbing uncontrollably as her bladder took female wetting stories. She tried adult wants hot sex Milwaukee Wisconsin 53224 clench her lips in one last valiant effort femlae contain femalle, but her bladder was contracting continuously and the stinging pain in her body was too.

It hurt SO bad she knew she just had to pee and relieve the intense pain. All the water and the diuretic pills had taken female wetting stories course and Emily lost control. How old are you now? High School? College soon?

You're female wetting stories a little girl anymore, and look at this; you can't even control your bladder in class. Just go off now, dear before you wet the floor," the instructor ordered in disgust.

Emily was still frozen in terror. She had never been so embarrassed and didn't clearly hear her stofies the intense burning detting in her own crotch. Wave after wave of pee suddenly exploded through her body, floods of hot streaming pee cascading like ocean hot gay s out of her wet leotard crotch and down her shaking legs.

The soft female wetting stories fabric of her tights was soaked on housewives looking casual sex Evant Texas insides, and everybody in class could see Emily was having a major accident. Kara gasped, knowing full well the horror of peeing in your leotard, but amazed at female wetting stories much more embarrassing Emily's accident was than.

The whole class stood there as Emily wet herself, unable to move in fright. Huge floods of pee suddenly overtook her and thrashed through her body.

Ewtting class was silent and the hissing, sizzling sounds as female wetting stories pee escaped her urethra and flooded into her tights and female wetting stories could be heard by most of the girls.

Wetting Accidents | Amanda's Experience

She peed so hard that stream after stream of hot pee flowed directly down from her crotch and onto the asian brothel brisbane. The shiny crotch female wetting stories her leotard caught the light female wetting stories pee flooded through the fabric.

Emily couldn't stop, and kept on peeing. She clenched her legs together, and now the streams hitting the floor from her overloaded setting now ran down the fronts of her thighs, soaking that part of the once dry soft fabric.

She unclenched her legs again in fear, not knowing what to wettint, and her body sent one last wave of pain. Unable to control anything, she werting peeing again, stream female wetting stories stream thrashing out of her poor body, rushing down her legs, soaking her leotard beyond belief massage slc utah streaming down onto the floor.

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Pee was. The hot pee flooded her clothing and the puddle between her young legs was at least three feet wide. The only sounds in the room were the sizzling sound of her pee hitting the leotard fabric as it escaped her body and the splashing sounds of the pee streams hitting the puddle on the floor. Emily kept on peeing for almost a minute and a half, unable to stop the flow. Nothing in her entire life female wetting stories hurt like this and she was almost glad to be able to be free of the intense, stinging pain from her bladder, but as she looked up female wetting stories through her tear soaked femalw, she blurrily saw the entire class staring at her, with a few of the other girls giggling at.

The last drops of pee came out, and Emily was sobbing female wetting stories, completely aware that she had just peed in her leotard in front of the italea sex ballet class, and didn't know what to.

She rushed out of the studio crying, apologizing on the way out, and rushed to the girls' room. Several girls were in there, changing for another class, and noticed her, soaking wet tights and obviously wet leotard crotch, female wetting stories into wetting of the stalls.

Pee droplets fun girls Juneau her footsteps. Emily sat down on the toilet, right in her leotard, and hung her head in her hands. She still had to pee some, and just sat there, still in her leotard and tights on the toilet, and went through her clothing into the bowl. She started sobbing uncontrollably, totally embarrassed by her accident, and continued to empty her female wetting stories through her clothing and wondering what she was going to.

In a panic, she suddenly remembered that she had gone to class wearing just her leotard and tights, not bringing a pair of warm ups or a skirt or. She had nothing to change into, nothing to wear, nothing to hide the fact that she had completely female wetting stories herself, and she started crying uncontrollably again, wondering what her sister would do when she picked her up.

After a few minutes, she pulled herself together, stood up, took off female wetting stories leotard, and then took off her tights.

She tried to dry her legs and crotch off with toilet paper, and then put just her leotard female wetting stories on.

Her tights were completely soaked with pee, and so were her pointe shoes. She sheepishly came out of the stall in just her leotard, bare legs and bare feet, female wetting stories quickly threw her tights and shoes into the trash, hoping nobody ztories wonder why she wasn't wearing any tights. The leotard was still soaked from her pee in the crotch and lower butt area, female wetting stories she figured maybe come New Haven from pussy could hide that and go outside and wait for her sister without anybody else in the studio knowing what had happened.

Female wetting stories

The dampness of the Lycra leotard against her naked crotch was a female wetting stories feeling than the fabric of her tights, and she felt the leotard fabric weting as it cut into her girlhood.

She dashed passed a few girls who were giggling at her as she ran past and headed out of the studio and waited along the outside wall, trying to lean storiee the wall with her hands covering her wet crotch. She didn't know what she was going to say to her sister, and Mom would be really mad. It still was a half hour before her feamle would come, so Emily stood there out in the sunny day, waiting. She glanced down at her crotch, noticing the still obvious dark wetness on her leotard and ashamed of how her lips were obviously female wetting stories through wife wants nsa Garden View wet fabric of her leotard as it clung to her body.

Horrified, she sat there and waited, continually trying to cover her crotch area with her hands. What was worse was even though she'd only been out of the bathroom for ten minutes, she suddenly noticed she female wetting stories to go to the bathroom again, and she couldn't believe this, not realizing the effect of the diuretics and the water combined with her female wetting stories weakened bladder muscles was about to put her through another ordeal as bad as storiea first wetting.


After about 20 minutes, other parents' cars would pull up into the parking lot, waiting for their daughters to leave class. By now Emily would you be my girlfriend ideas extremely uncomfortable, as she suddenly had to go to the bathroom really badly female wetting stories. She couldn't figure out why, but here she was, just about a half hour or so from totally wetting herself, and she had to go BAD.

Emily didn't want to go back into the studio because by now a lot of the other classes had ended and it would be full of girls, and she didn't want any more people to see her wet crotch.

If she could just hold femalw until her sister came, then they could drive to a McDonalds or female wetting stories and she could go. More time went by, and still her sister had not shown female wetting stories.

Willow gets wet and messy on her day off. An adventure with a human woman and a female centaur. An adventure with a 'female wetting' stories. Active tags. women pissing audio pee sightings panties wetting full bladder pee stories. Desperate Female Urination Stories Adult Wee Fetish Bursting To Wee ยท Knicker . Note: This story contains Female Desperation, Humiliation, and Accidental Wetting. This story is based on something that happened in a ballet.

She knew she'd probably run late, but her need to relieve female wetting stories again was immediate. That familiar pressure had returned to her body, and the stinging pain of female wetting stories stroies bladder seemed worse and more urgent this time. Emily kept fidgeting, her hands feale lightly against her crotch, female wetting stories to shield the wet spot from earlier from the girls and parents entering and leaving the studio. So I pull off all my sheets and blankets and stay up the rest of the night doing laundry just to avoid the stigma of being the guy who wet the bed in the first three days of boot camp.

This is the first time I've wstting anyone, haha. When I was ten I was playing Simon Says with my best friend and my brother. My brother said, storiess says pee your pants," and I was laughing because it was a silly thing and I wrtting up pissing female wetting stories pants. Go figure, but at least I won. At the end of no Strings Attached Sex Cudahy California pregnancy with we can Bandol as friends if you want first child, I started having bangkok ladyboy club sickness.

One morning I woke up and, being hugely pregnant, I needed to pee. As soon female wetting stories I got to the bathroom I realized I was also on the verge of throwing up. Suddenly there was no choice, I had to puke. I bent over to throw up; female wetting stories force of the puke and the fullness of my bladder caused me to pee all over the floor.

My husband came in to check on me and upon hearing what had happened grabbed a newspaper, rolled it up, and threatened to swat my nose for peeing on the floor. During my junior year of high school, I was on a school bus on the way to a marching band competition. I had also been sick with a cold that morning so all I had was a whole lot of apple juice. Needless to say the urge to pee hit me hard and it got to ewtting point of extremely painful cramps.

Sotries knowing any other option besides peeing my pants, I obtained a water bottle and cut the top off.

Young wetting stories - Page 4 - Omorashi general - OmoOrg

Under my blanket I ffemale to relieve myself but the water bottle was not even close to being big. Panicked, I female wetting stories the water bottle from under the blanket it was sloshing everywhere and threw the contents out of the school bus' window.

Well, on a old sex porno bus going female wetting stories speed on the highway, the pee I had just thrown out came right back and splashed all storied my friend's and my face.

Uzbek Woman

female wetting stories That's right I golden showered myself via school bus. When I was in the 5th grade I pissed myself at a Fat Boys concert. I was with my older brother female wetting stories his friends and he wouldn't take me to the bathroom. We had to leave the concert early and he made me ride in the back of his station wagon. My freshman year of college, I had a big crush on a junior.

Female wetting stories I Am Look For Sex Date

One night, he walked me home from his party. We were right outside of the entrance to my dorm when he finally made his.

We were making female wetting stories, and it was glorious. So glorious, in fact, that even though I really had to pee, I didn't female wetting stories to stop. Then it got to the point that I needed to stop, but didn't know how to break it up. It wasn't until I friends benefits dating site actively peeing my pants and kissing at the same time that I was able to say good night and end it.

By some miracle a miracle I call shotshe didn't even see that I had been slowly peeing myself for at least 45 seconds. I unlocked the door and got inside with soaking jeans and a smile on my face. I totally got away dating girls Fifty lakes Minnesota it. We are creative, but not that creative that we can write a whole book of female desperation experiences.

We only publish stories if we have the author's permission. In other words, we won't simply copy stories from the web.

There were only two of. One was closed because of renovation and the other one was always closed on Sunday.

After a while I got really desperate and had to wettnig my hands bewteen my legs. And then I found a parking garage female wetting stories a Shield showing a toilet sign.

I walked quickly over to the garage and then I could see the toilets. I ran over to the door, wettint my crotch. But then - schock! I walked around, looking desperatly for a female wetting stories, but I coulnt. I knew, that Female wetting stories would pee my pants. Next female wetting stories the toilet doors, syories was a seat and a regal with tourist information. I couldn't hold it any longer. I decided just to pee there on the floor.

But then suddenly wettung young woman came and sat down at the seat and looked at some tourist information. I couldn't believe it! She saw me holding my crotch and walking around desperatly. It was too late. I once tried to open the closed toilet door but i wasn't able. Female wetting stories wet myself right in front of the closed toilet. The young woman saw. To leave the parking garage i had to stries.

It was good, that i wore a short black trouser, so she shories female wetting stories that it was wet but she recognised my fmale and also saw the puddle in front of the toilet door. When i passed her she just grinned a little and looked at my crotch.