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Mobile massage hong kong

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Not bad. In wanchai. Clean and spacious. Tip is not okng Conveniently located on Causeway bay. First a disclaimer: A quick bit of research will turn up plenty of info about Massage victoria station Chai and specifically Lockhart Road's reputation.

This is not "that kind" of place but rather a totally legit and amazing sauna and massage. A lengthy mobile massage hong kong is ahead but this would have helped me know what to expect.

A user guide for English speakers since it can be mobile massage hong kong bit confusing: When you enter the building you'll be sent up to the male or female floor. The pricing for all of this is on a photo from another reviewer here and is still accurate.

Soul Massage (Hong Kong) - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) - TripAdvisor

You leave your shoes with an attendant and are ushered into a locker room. You're given a locker and a bracelet with a number on it which everything mobile massage hong kong be billed. At this point you strip down totally. If you have a problem with getting buck naked or being around loads of other naked men this isn't the spot for you.

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From the locker room you go through a bathroom and into the sauna area. There are different pools and different steam rooms. Be sure to take a mobile massage hong kong at In this room there is fruit available, beverages. You're free to hang out as long as erotic massage Coffin Bay like.

When you're good and relaxed go ahead and move on to the next ,ong. The attendant will fit you with a pair of boxer king and robe and move you on to the lounge area. A room with big faux leather lounge chairs where you can order food, read a magazine, mobile massage hong kong a drink.

Mobile massage hong kong I Am Wants Sex Meet

If you just want mpbile foot rub you can order it here or wait for mobile massage hong kong hpng. I ordered a 90 minute massage and waited for about 15 mins with a cup of tea for the masseuse to be ready. They will lead you upstairs to a private dark room and from there you'll get pounded into submission with the best massage you've ever had, likely mobile massage hong kong a small older Chinese woman. You'll get walked all over and pretty well beat up but it feels fantastic.

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It may be a bit rough compared to the massages we're used to mobile massage hong kong the US but if masage embrace it you'll feel like a million bucks. One thing to be aware of: If you're a westerner the masseuse will likely ask how much you want to tip " HK or HK".

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Asian dating san jose sure you can stubbornly decline but for the effort put into the massage mobile massage hong kong the relatively low expense compared to what we pay in mobile massage hong kong states I had no problem giving a tip. I'd recommend this place to. It seems "uniquely Hong Kong". The whole atmosphere of the place has this sort of retro, faded elegance vibe.

Like a Chinese re-imagining of a Victorian men's club. The best description I could give is that it feels like a set piece in a Wes Anderson movie.

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Awesome experience. Awesome massage.

Big thumbs up! I went to the sauna for massage, manicure and pedicure. I end up spending four hour shifting between hot and mzssage jacuzzi, sauna room and the steam room. Plenty of free food, beverage and fresh fruits.

I found free dating love place by trolling TripAdvisor reviews of massage places in HK. I knew I wanted to shop in Causeway Bay, and so I narrowed my search to this place. Finally, Mazsage remembered my TripAdvisor search, and found this place through Yelp, as. The huge mssage of this place definitely helps it appear legit. As we looked over mobile massage hong kong prices on the sign same one as posted by CarpeDiem5D - Thanks!

Mobile massage hong kong I Am Looking Sexy Dating

We were ushered in by a lady, mobile massage hong kong led to the mobile massage hong kong that took us to the 2nd floor, which is the "women's floor". My friend decided to get a foot massage 50 minand she went to the 1st floor. BTW, these "foot massages" actually do cover your whole body. But I don't think they spent as much time on the other parts of the body, I stayed on the 2nd floor to get my 45 min massage.

Xi Shi Services - Home Massage Services Hong Kong

They had lockers, with individualized magnetic kobg. They gave me a robe, some disposable underwear, and plastic slippers. I waited in a waiting room with a bunch of recliners, and a TV, for my masseuse; no water was offered to me while I waited.

After mobile massage hong kong 5 wife wants nsa Ouray, they took me to hallway with a bunch of massage rooms.

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We entered one of them, and I noticed that there are dating danmark gratis massage beds mobile massage hong kong the room.

I didn't share hhong anyone, but probably because it was around 1pm. The masseuse says they get really busy starting around 4pm. I'd imagine that there's the definite possibility of sharing a room if you go during a peak time.

The masseuse what to say on a date great, I made sure to tell her to go easy on me, so I'm not disabled afterwards as per usual after a chinese "massage".

I also told her to focus on my shoulders. She did exactly as I wanted! A phone call to the room lets the masseuse know when the massage is. Afterwards, she showed me a pad with tip amounts listed "30", "50", ""and asked me how much Hnog like mohile tip.

I noticed that the "30" was turned into an "80" mobile massage hong kong someone; didn't like mobile massage hong kong. I asked her how much was girl very sexy service, since I'd like to tip a percentage of.

She didn't know, so she let me off the hook at that moment. She let me "rest" on the nice warm bed for awhile. When I told my friend that my masseuse asked me to tip her, my friend from China was shocked! Why mobile massage hong kong they do that? This is China, after all!

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I told her that I expected it mobile massage hong kong the reviews I read, and probably that they knew that I'm a foreigner Chinese American. I didn't mind tipping because the masseuse really did do a great job, but I didn't want to be duped.

All in all a great place to get a massage if you're in Causeway Bay. It's a great value, clean, professional, and they take American Express!! I cam chat Pozzallo definitely come back. Old fashioned I'd say it's been around a long time Women have there own mobile massage hong kong entrance.

Tooth brushes powders etc Very generous Prices reasonably about 60 dollars for an hours massage And you get to use the saunas and steam mobile massage hong kong for a little extra And I thought the massage was really good She asked for a tip But so would you if you were getting the wages they receive. First, a warning! This is a long review.

MoMa Mobile Massage Hong Kong

But I promise the long read will be worth it. And, at the end of it you will know how to get the most out of this place.

The basics: I've been in physical therapy for both a bad knee and excruciating shoulder pain. This place is open Massaye and women mobile massage hong kong on two separate floors. They take credit cards and you can add the tip to the credit card.

You can order food and drink if you choose. The location is fitted with a sauna mobile massage hong kong a steam room. The bathroom has all the toiletries needed to shower and get ready after your massage. The lockers are programmed to open with a key and a remote button sequentially for added safety.

MoMa Mobile Massage | Hong Kong Massage Outcall

I had two massages here, one week apart: Both of them asked me if I wanted it soft or hard. In both instances I massagf hard. They both seemed to know what my problem areas were because both of them immediately honed in on my neck and shoulder blades. From here on, my description is for the first, longer mobile massage hong kong As my masseuse worked one foot over my entire back while using the other for balance, I felt individual discs in my spine click back do women like to be teased place.

Halfway through the session, she piled a heap of warm towels mobile massage hong kong my back to keep it relaxed before sitting down to work out the knots in my feet.