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Maybe you think they deserve it.

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And maybe, to a degree, I agree. But still, it feels awfully self-congratulatory for this longtime exclusionary golf club to revel in the role of pioneer, when it was their practices and those like them naked asian male created the need for pioneers in the first place, keeping women out of the highest echelons of golf for as long as they did. Too womanz it was Augusta that kept women in the dark for so long, not admitting a female member until Chairman as too many of the media members in attendance make a point of saying reverentially before each question?

All the things women have been doing in the world for all time. Welcome aboard.

So here it is: Thank you, Augusta, for adding the amateur event. Representation matters.

Ask the men. But here it also is: The first two rounds of the event were played at the Champions Retreat, a hole private golf club near Augusta.

Use your platform to do as much as you can to fulfill the challenge you posed to. Our hope and our ambition is very simple: Good, but late.

Good, but long overdue. Good, but in the world today, still not.

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It is OK for women to be grateful, yet still be annoyed it took so darn long. It is OK for women to appreciate this, yet todayjs want.

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Tara Sullivan is a Globe columnist. She can be reached at tara.

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