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April 9, The Netherlands - Sex Education: Worried about your teenage daughter?

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Move to the Netherlands - by Peggy Orenstein. There's a solution sex almere parents concerned about their daughters' sex lives: Move to the Netherlands. OK, maybe almefe not the most practical advice.

Perhaps, though, we can move a little of the Netherlands. Because the Dutch seem to have sex almere all figured.

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While we in the United States have the highest teen pregnancy rate in the industrialized world, they have among the lowest. Our teen birth rate is eight times higher than theirs, and our teen abortion rate is 1. lamere

There are some significant demographic differences that affect those numbers: We are a more diverse nation than Holland, with higher sex almere of childhood poverty, fewer social massage monroeville guarantees and more social conservatives. Yet, even when controlling for all that, the difference holds.

Consider a study comparing the almers sexual experiences sex almere randomly chosen American and Dutch women at two similar colleges — nearly all white, all middle class, with similar religious backgrounds.

So, apples to apples. The American girls had become sexually active at a younger age than the Dutch, had had more encounters with more partners and were sex almere likely to use birth control.

They reported more comfort with ssex bodies and their desires than the Americans and were more in touch sex almere their own pleasure. Here's their secret: The Dutch girls said that teachers and doctors had talked candidly to them about sex, pleasure and the importance of a loving relationship.

More than that, though, there sex almere a stark difference in how their parents approached those topics.

The American girls' moms had focused on the zex sex almere and dangers of sex, while their dads, if they said anything at all, stuck to lame jokes.

Dutch parents, by contrast, had talked to their daughters from an early age about both sex almere joys and responsibilities of intimacy.

My friend's mother also asked me how it was, if I had an orgasm and if he had sex almere. According to Amy Schalet, an associate professor of sociology at sex almere University of Massachusetts, in the late s the Dutch — like Americans — roundly disapproved of premarital sex. The sexual revolution transformed attitudes in both countries, shemales sydney, whereas American parents and policymakers responded by treating teen sex as a health crisis, the Dutch esx another way: They consciously embraced it as natural, though requiring proper guidance.

naked older male Their government sex almere pelvic exams, birth control and abortion free to anyone under 22, with no wlmere for parental consent. By the s, when Americans were shoveling millions into the maw of useless abstinence-only education, Dutch teachers and parents were busy discussing the positive aspects of sex sex almere relationships, as well as anatomy, reproduction, disease prevention, contraception and abortion.

They emphasized respect for self and others in intimate sex almere, and openly addressed masturbation, oral sex, homosexuality and orgasm. As part of that, Dutch parents permit co-ed sleepovers, which are rare in the U. A full two-thirds of Dutch teens 15 to 17 with a steady boyfriend or girlfriend report that the person was welcome slmere spend the night in their bedrooms. That's not to say that it's sex almere free-for-all over. Quite sex almere opposite: The Dutch actively discourage promiscuity in their children, teaching that sex should emerge from a loving relationship.

Sex almere

And you can't really argue with the results. Read more: Move to the Netherlands - LA Times.

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