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For six years, I immersed myself in the workings of the young teen lesbian pornhub industry. As editor of the porn blog Fleshbot, I spent hours combing lesbuan XXX side of the internet, acquainting myself with all manner of perversions and obscure sex acts.

What does shock me, on the other hand, is how ill-informed our public discourse around porn continues to be. In the 10 years since I wrote my first Fleshbot post, internet porn has skyrocketed in popularity.

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But even as porn consumption has become a commonplace habit, we continue to treat it as something exotic and inherently perilous to our health and happiness. The arguments that show up young teen lesbian pornhub national publications today — and are often repeated by readers — are not so different from anti-porn screeds written lesbbian.

It makes sense that journalists, whose jobs require research, might find themselves drawn down the rabbit hole of adult entertainment, fascinated by the increasingly perverse products they happen to uncover.

PornHub, the most young teen lesbian pornhub porn site online, reports that the average time spent on the site is just under 10 minutes — less than half the length of a standard ,esbian scene.

In my time at Fleshbot, it became abundantly clear to ppornhub that people tend to come to porn with mature bbw bdsm sexual preferences already intact — and that, with some exceptions, those preferences remain fixed. Like PornHub, Fleshbot young teen lesbian pornhub visitors a vast array of content, profiling porn that appeals to consumers with a wide variety of sexual orientations and preferences.

Tellingly, despite the vast diversity of content found on Pornhub, consumers young teen lesbian pornhub more likely to turn to tamer content: For the past three years, lesbian porn — a category generally considered to be less hardcore than its heterosexual counterpart — has been viewed more frequently than any other genre. I, for example, have always been made uncomfortable by porn that depicts the beloved characters from my young teen lesbian pornhub childhood cartoons in flagrante delicto — and no matter how many times I was exposed to those scenes in the course of my coke guy looking for diet droped, I was never won over by their eroticism.

None of which is to say that porn is entirely benign, or that its impact on our sex lives is only positive.

There is some truth to the anti-porn claim that it negatively impacts the sexual imaginations and awareness of young people. But that says less about the nature of pornography than about the dangers of a culture that delegates something as important and essential as sex young teen lesbian pornhub to an industry dedicated to crafting fantasy and entertainment.

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If we want an alternative to the vision of sex presented poornhub pornography, we need to start by having open, honest and unashamed talks about sex. Young teen lesbian pornhub need to stop treating sex as a taboo topic, and start treating it as an ordinary aspect of life, one that young people should be educated about in all its weird, wonderful, risky and rewarding complexity.

Lux Alptraum LuxAlptraum writes about sex, pop culture and feminism and is the author of a forthcoming book on our cultural obsession with female dishonesty.